The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me as I begin this new journey… Gluten Free Music City! 

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As I’ve found in the past 2 years of being gluten intolerant, eating out isn’t that easy anymore. There is a sense of anxiety when a friend or family member suggests a restaurant and you haven’t been there or looked at their menu to see what options they have. When you do check the menu online, gluten free items are rarely denoted so you either take a chance or have to call in advance. Simply put: it can be a hassle. That’s why I’m here!

I’m using this platform to document the restaurants in Nashville and Middle Tennessee (and elsewhere) that I’ve eaten at while being gluten free! Using the site menu above, you can toggle by cuisine type as well as find bakeries, locally owned restaurants, vegan options, and food trucks that offer gluten free options. I’ve also enjoyed living my gluten free life in NYC, Atlanta, and Chattanooga and will be sharing what I’ve found in those cities. 

Follow my instagram for photos of what I’ve eaten and to follow my gluten free journey in the moment. I look forward to connecting with each of you! 🙂

Here’s to good, GLUTEN FREE, food in Nashville! 


2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Kelly Holiday May 27, 2018 — 3:23 pm

    Can I sign up to receive email updates?

    1. Hi Kelly! You can subscribe to the blog to receive email updates when a new blog is posted. I don’t currently have an email list. I will also post on instagram when a new blog is up if you follow me @glutenfreemusiccity Thanks for your interest!

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