The Grilled Cheeserie

Last night we headed to Hillsboro Village with tickets to see the documentary RBG at The Belcourt (a must see, by the way) and we didn’t even have to discuss where dinner would be. The Grilled Cheeserie is a no-brainer gluten free option when in that neighborhood. 

The menu on their website does not denote gluten free options, so here is a menu for you to see. As far as I can tell (forgot to ask), the Pimento Mac & Chee is the only sandwich that cannot be made gluten free with gluten free bread. fullsizeoutput_244aThey do not make their own gluten free bread, but the employee behind the counter did mention that they are regularly reassessing their vendor for it and recently switched to their current one (sorry – didn’t get the name). They do not have a dedicated gluten free preparation surface. All sandwiches are grilled on the same grill. fullsizeoutput_2448It’s so nice that they have such a huge variety of sides that are made without gluten in addition to offering the gluten free sandwich bread. We’ve had the tater tots and the sweet potato chips and dip. 

Last night, we got the B&B of Tennessee (top photos and my go to), the Buffalo South (bottom photos), and a side of the Sweet Potato Chips and Dip. 

We opted out of a milkshake last night, but they are delicious and definitely worth the splurge! Again, so many gluten free options. 


We would highly recommend The Grilled Cheeserie! 

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