Avo Nashville

I’ve heard all the rage about Avo from friends and local food bloggers but it’s allllll the way on the other side of town and I’m just rarely nearby. A gift card for Christmas was all the encouragement needed to make it to Avo. Located in a cute shipping container “village” off of Charlotte Pike, it is a 100% plant based, locally sourced, and kosher certified restaurant. Most of the menu is gluten free and it does note when a gluten free option is available. I think the only two current menu items that are not gluten free are the Lentil Walnut Burger and the Roasted Broccoli Sub.

IMG_0750On our first visit, we had the Kimchi Spring Rolls (left), Crispy Fingerling Potatoes (below), Pad Thai (not pictured), and the Kale Caesar salad (below).

I’ve already raved about the Kimchi Spring Rolls on my instagram, but it’s worth repeating here: they are sooooo delicious and soooo addicting! You won’t be able to stop thinking about how tasty they are and may want to recreate them at home for weeks at a time. I didn’t even know I liked kimchi or that cashew cream could be savory until my first bite of these. Not to mention that Thai peanut dipping sauce. Whew. SO good and SO worth the drive. 


The Crispy Fingerling Potatoes avocado cashew whip and salsa verde and they are extremely flavorful. They weren’t my favorite, but they were very good. Just a large serving and very rich and let’s be honest – I needed nothing else after the spring rolls.  

Many of the items on the menu are raw (uncooked), so that’s a plus for the potatoes if you are into hot foods for dinner. I’m flexible on that but I know some people are particular. 

Next up: Kale Caesar salad (below). Can we have a moment for how GIGANTIC their salads are? They are so huge and there’s no way I could eat that in one sitting. Nothing is as good as the real parmesan cheese, but their cashew rendition comes close. The crispy chickpeas are my favorite part of the entire salad. I brought home the rest of the salad that I couldn’t eat and it saved well and was a delicious lunch the next day! 


No photos of the Pad Thai – sorry about that. I don’t really like Pad Thai but the reviewer said it was delicious! I’ve since been back to Avo 3-4 times and have tried a few other things on their menu like the Avo Toast, the Tomato Soup (don’t bother), and a few of their daily specials such as cashew queso and roasted beets. 

I’ve heard wonderful things about their southern bowl and have my eye on that for our next trip. There will certainly be a next trip. Avo is well worth your gluten free dining time! Check it out and let me know what you think of it in the comments below! 🙂 

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