Gluten Free Homemade Biscuits

I recently shared on my instagram a batch of our gluten free biscuits and received several requests for the recipe. Everyone loves a good biscuit, especially here in the south so I’m happy to share our go to biscuit recipe. 

When I first started my gluten free lifestyle, I rarely substituted gluten free versions of the gluten filled items I used to enjoy. I felt really good without gluten and unnecessary indulgences and had a lot of work to do to get healthy again. Eventually though, it was inevitable that I would miss some of those gluten filled items I used to eat: waffles, pancakes, bagels, sandwiches, and biscuits. Biscuits were especially missed on the weekends when we had time to cook more elaborate breakfasts (and by elaborate I just mean biscuits and bacon). 

We set out to perfect the gluten free biscuit and took the long and winding road to do so. We made all sorts of biscuits out of almond flour, coconut flour, rice flour, tapioca flour, and even a gluten free flour blend from America’s Test Kitchen. Some of them weren’t awful, but they just weren’t the buttery, fluffy biscuits that we wanted to eat. 

The discovery of gluten free flour blend Cup4Cup changed the baking game in our house. We decided to try our old biscuit recipe with this flour and voila! Edible and actually enjoyable gluten free biscuits! Who would’ve thought? Give the below recipe a try and let me know what you think.