Pinewood Social

One restaurant in Nashville that I’ve been wanting to try for a long time is Pinewood Social. It looks like such a fun place (the patio, the pools, and that bowling alley!) and I’ve heard such great things about it, but never knew if they had gluten free offerings because like many restaurants, they don’t denote that on their menu or mention it on their website. 

When friends came to town for a holiday weekend, we decided to go for it and try it out despite not knowing their gluten free offerings. Make reservations. We made the mistake of trying to walk in on a Saturday and there was an hour and a half wait. We went elsewhere and made reservations for the next evening which were almost full. 

Full disclosure: I asked our server which items were gluten free and this is the list she gave me from the above menu. I did not ask about shared fryers. I am usually not very sensitive to shared fryers and I’ve only noticed a reaction if I’m eating somewhere that fries a large majority of their items (think if I ordered fries at Hattie B’s). Use your judgement or call in advance about the fryers, but I did not get sick by eating any of the below items. 

GF from the SHARE: Fried Broccoli, Sweet Potato Steak Fries (these appeared to be roasted and not fried, but again you should confirm).
GF from the SALADS!: All of them including their dressings.
GF from the PLATES: Salmon, Pork Sugo, Sunburst Trout, Steak & Eggs.
They do not offer gluten free bread. 


I ordered the fried broccoli, the sweet potato steak fries, and the kale salad. 

The fried broccoli seemed air fried to me instead of deep friend but I have not confirmed this. It was not battered in any way. Just lightly seasoned broccoli with a sunflower aioli that was to die for. Who knew an aioli could be that good? Maybe you but I had low expectations. It was different than a traditional aioli and I wanted to dip everything in it.

The Sweet Potato Steak Fries were SO SPICY to me! Whew. That Serrano on the crispy skin of the potatoes was no joke. I love savory sweet potatoes but I do prefer them more cooked throughout than these were. I’m not sure I’d order them again, but I’m glad we tried them. 

For dinner, I resisted the urge to order the steak and eggs because I had an egg and meat heavy brunch earlier the day we dined here. I, unfortunately, don’t really care for seafood or pork so that narrowed down my gluten free dinner options.

I decided on a lighter dinner of the Kale Salad. The kale salad seemingly was missing the winter squash, but it was there in tiny ribbon form. It was very simple but so very delicious. So delicious, in fact, that we already tried to recreate it at home. I’m definitely interested in going back and trying their other salads. 

IMG_3392All in all, Pinewood Social was a very cool place and I would go back! I’d recommend it for the gluten free diners in Nashville looking for a new place with just a few options available. If you go check it out, comment below and let me know what you think! 


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