GF Chattanooga: Tony’s Pasta Shop

We ventured from Nashville to Chattanooga for a birthday weekend getaway with my sister and her family a couple of weeks ago and although I drive through Chattanooga often on my way to Atlanta/Athens, I rarely stop to eat. Last summer, I spent a weekend in Chatt but didn’t have a whole bunch of time to explore gluten free or gluten friendly restaurants. SO, I was really excited to have more time there this go around and be able to check items off my list!

On my list: Cashew gluten free donuts, Tony’s Pasta Shop flatbread and pasta, Mojo Burrito, Lupi’s Pizza and potentially Frothy Monkey, Flying Squirrel, or Urban Stack.

IMG_3761We started with Mojo Burrito and lucky for me – your birthday meal is free! 🙂 They offer corn tortillas where possible and salads or bowls. There is a risk of cross contamination but they can change gloves to minimize it. I ordered the 3 vegetarian tacos and it was honestly way too much food for me. I usually eat 1-2 tacos and a side and true to that, I only ate 2 of these tacos as they were huge. The tacos were really delicious and so was the salsa and cheese dip. It was a great spot for a quick lunch (with a toddler) and we will definitely be back.

IMG_4140After Mojo, we made a quick trip to Cashew to pick up a birthday cake surprise (!!!) and I picked up a couple of their gluten free donuts while there. They, unfortunately, have crazy hours and aren’t open that much so we’ve never had a meal there. Hoping to the next time we drive through. The birthday cake was their (gluten free and vegan) S’more’s Cake and y’all… it was so flipping good! My husband ordered enough cake for 20 people even though there were only 5 of us – ha! We ate a lot of cake for a week but it was sooooooooo good, I’m not mad about it.

We went to Lupi’s for dinner our first night with a bit of a snafu. My sister and I have been to Lupi’s in downtown Chattanooga but our navigator (my husband) was directing us outside of the city and far away from our Airbnb. Turns out – the downtown location is closed for renovations so the Brainerd location was our option. We carried on and went there anyway and it wasn’t crowded at all (great for aforementioned toddler). We ordered the Caprese (no bread for me) as our appetizer and it hit the spot. Fresh and tasty! We got a gluten free pizza with sun dried tomatoes and feta as our entree. It’s really unfortunate that they charge so much for the gluten free option… I can’t be the only gluten free person who is begging people to eliminate the up charges (especially outrageous ones)?! Their crust is a great consistency with crisp edges. I wouldn’t hesitate to order it again.

For our first breakfast in Chattanooga, we decided on the always faithful Frothy Monkey. You can’t go wrong here though it does put a dent in your wallet. 😉 I ordered the kale and gouda omelette which came with a slice of gluten free toast. To be honest, I don’t know all the details about Frothy Monkey’s gluten free bread but I need to know. Do they make it in house? It’s SO stinking good! Light, fluffy, and has a good taste which we all know can be hard to find. They also had a couple of gluten free muffin options in their baked goods case. Can’t speak to their quality or taste as I didn’t try them.

We had leftovers at our Airbnb for lunch on Sunday and then went to the much anticipated Tony’s Pasta Shop for dinner. I was most excited for Tony’s and couldn’t wait to try it. Friends and strangers alike had all raved about their flatbread so we had to start off with an order of gluten free flatbread to dip in an olive oil/pecorino mix. It was so delicious and definitely set the bar high for our meal. I was so impressed with the flatbread that I wanted to order a pizza, but see above for our previous dinner. 😉 The peer pressure from my family to branch out also led me to explore the gluten free menu more. 


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