Gluten Free: St. Louis Edition

Last week, I traveled to St. Louis, MO for a little family vacation and tried so many gluten free food options that I am so excited to share with you! When we originally tossed the idea around for St. Louis as a trip destination, I quickly googled “gluten free St. Louis” and was so delighted to find a gem of a resource from Kate at Gluten Free Pearls. Kate is now blogging about Chicago gluten free finds, but has a plethora of details about dining gluten free in St. Louis and surrounding areas. In fact, this discovery was one of the very things that led me to finally start blogging here… if there is such a comprehensive resource of gluten free food options for a city the size of St. Louis, why don’t we have that here in Nashville? Needless to say, I was really looking forward to all of the food I knew I could eat in St. Louis!

Without further ado, here are the places we checked off our gluten free St. Louis list:

Bailey’s Range
Fountain on Locust
Fozzie’s Sandwich Emporium
Lulu’s Local Eatery
New Day Gluten Free
Nora’s in Dogtown
PW Pizza
Rosalita’s Cantina

 Bailey’s Range was a great location downtown for lunch or dinner if you spend your day at City Museum. It was our first lunch stop and I was not disappointed. I ordered the Chickadee and my husband ordered Dave’s Chop House. Two thumbs up for NO uncharge on gluten free buns and fries in a dedicated fryer! They were super knowledgeable about gluten allergies. We split a large order of fries and it was perfect. I thought my chicken burger was so, so good (goat cheese does that, am I right?) but I did not like my husband’s burger. It was very smoke flavored and ick. My brother in law was not impressed with the food value but I thought it was all worth it. I finished with a mini milkshake treat! 

Favazza’s was our dinner the first night we were there and I was really pumped to have authentic Italian food gluten free. I ordered the Margherita pizza because I’m learning it’s always a safe option. My husband got the chicken alfredo with gluten free penne. They don’t offer gluten free bread and it might be one of the worst things to watch the people around you eat gluten filled bread that smells (and I’m sure tastes) delicious while you sit an watch. I survived (and always do) but would be nice to offer a gluten free option there. I was not super impressed with the food and kind of wished we have tried a different place on The Hill, but there’s always next time. 

Fountain on Locust definitely speaks my food love language: MILKSHAKES! I had their seasonal milkshake which was vanilla ice cream with a sea salt caramel swirl and candied pecans. It was worth every last sip! We didn’t consume food here as we had already eaten and just stopped by after the Cardinals game, but I’ve heard they have gluten free options. Their menu was marked with gluten free options. Also worth noting: this neighborhood around Locust was really cool! I’d go back just to explore.  

Fozzie’s Sandwich Emporium was * as a must try on our list and I’m so glad we made it there! My heart was set on a sandwich on their gluten free bread, but once there I decided a salad was the way to go. I ordered the Steak & Thyme salad expecting more of a sliced steak… it was not sliced but rather like a cheesesteak. It turned me off to look at it but looks are not what’s important, right? It was delicious! We were underwhelmed by the parmesan garlic house chips, though. 

Lulu’s Local Eatery was also on my must try list and I only wished we had gone sooner to explore more of the adorable neighborhood it’s in (Tower Grove/South Grand). I was so impressed with their business mission – sustainability and they pay their workers a fair wage (living wage) as part of that. Their mission alone was enough to draw me in and the food was an extra perk! Every one of us seemed to really enjoy our meals. I got the Chipotle Bowl and my husband got the Thai Bowl (both marked “gluten less” on the menu). The Thai Bowl was the better one in my opinion… something about a good peanut sauce. Yum! 

I’m saving all the details of New Day Gluten Free for it’s own post. Just know this: if you are gluten free and in St. Louis, you MUST stop here. Maybe more than once. 

Nora’s in Dogtown was a find on the Find Me Gluten Free app just before we left town. I was glad I checked the app and found this spot with so many five star reviews. I ordered the Cold Turkey on their gluten free bread and it was delicious! The perfect lunch for hitting the road back home. 

PW Pizza was a quick sale in the same way Lulu’s was for me… they have an amazing business mission and sustainability practices! I’m truly so impressed with how many restaurants in St. Louis participated in and advertised such practices. Our server at PW was extremely attentive and very helpful with the menu. We ordered the Our House salad and the All Mixed Up with chicken caprese on one half and pepperoni on the other half! It was divine! Another two thumbs up for no upcharge on the gluten free pizza crust! I’d highly recommend PW Pizza! IMG_4901

After a long, hot day outside in the heat, I found myself pretty hangry and needed food ASAP. None of my pre-planned dinner options were close by nor were they casual enough to go as we were. Cue all the frustration! My husband did some research while we were waiting for the Fire and Light Show at the Union Station Hotel to begin and happened upon Rosalita’s Cantina. It’s a good thing that he was the one who found it because my eyeballs nearly popped out of my head the next day when I saw it’s ratings online. Nowhere near my ratings minimum requirement to eat somewhere or buy something! Ha! Their menu was marked with gluten free items and they fry their chips in a dedicated fryer so that seemed promising to me. It was also happy hour so $4 margaritas and $3 off appetizers seemed like a great deal to me. We both ate for $23 before tip and that rarely happens. We ordered nachos and the chicken enchiladas. The nachos were so flipping good! Their queso was one of the best I’ve ever had. But, the sauce on the enchiladas was too spicy for me to even consider eating. Womp womp.

Sugarfire was on a lot of gluten free lists as a great BBQ option when in St. Louis because apparently “St. Louis BBQ” is a thing. Isn’t BBQ a thing in lots of midwestern and southern cities?! Anyway, I really do not like BBQ at all. I can’t really stand the thought of eating pork (other than bacon…) and smoked meats just really aren’t my thing. So, the rest of the family ate there after I had eaten at New Day. A lot of items on the Sugarfire menu are in fact gluten free and most of their sauces are too. That’s if bbq is one of your things. 

All in all, we were all really impressed with the gluten free dining options in St. Louis. I ate REALLY well (too well) and really loved trying so many different places! I feel like I could’ve spent the whole week eating at burger joints and Italian places trying allllll the pizza and alllllll the gluten free sandwiches! Ha. 

I can’t wait to go back to St. Louis and try all the places still on my list! 



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