I’ve lived in Nashville for over 8 years now (which is crazy) and I can’t believe I have never been to Fido until recently. I’ve stopped in a few times over the years but the line has always been so long. Fetch next door is supposed to be the faster take out option but the only time I’ve stopped in there it was a 45 minute wait for food. 

The first time we went for brunch I asked several questions about gluten free (worth noting that I am usually not sensitive to shared fryers) and settled on the chilaquiles. They were very good but I am sensitive to spice these days and that jalapeño sauce was a lot to handle. Next time, I’ll get them without it. My husband just got the eggs, bacon, and toast. He says it was bleh and he didn’t have high hopes for Fido becoming a regular spot after that. 

I recently remembered that we had a Nashville Originals deal coupon for Fido and therefore had $25 of “free” money to spend. So, we ventured out for lunch and this time opted for totally different meals. I had the Smoked Turkey + Brie sandwich on gluten free bread and my husband had the Steak Scramble. The verdict this visit was the steak scrambled redeemed Fido! My sandwich was huge and was plenty to have leftovers for dinner. I appreciated that! 

Fido is a great option for a weekday or weekend lunch. I love the location in Hillsboro Village and appreciate that there are plenty of options for me to choose from! They also have “wheat free” baked goods from Bongo (muffins, cookies, flourless cake, bars) and lots of delicious drinks. My favorite drink is the Summer Solstice. I feel confident saying that you won’t go wrong at Fido!


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