The Dotted Lime

If you’ve been gluten free for any period of time, you know how amazing it is to find a 100% dedicated gluten free restaurant. If you live in a big city like NYC or LA these restaurants are easy to find. Unfortunately, the south hasn’t caught up to this and it’s pretty rare to find a dedicated gluten free spot here. Imagine my surprise when a reader  connected me to The Dotted Lime – a gluten, tree nut, and peanut free facility located about an hour south of Nashville in Columbia, TN. 

Let me be honest here – I’m not one to drive an hour each way for gluten free food as I do have plenty of options in town and can also cook gluten free goodness in my own kitchen. BUT, as I followed them on social media I kept hearing about these amazing cinnamon rolls and muffins and waffles… 

SO, we took advantage of our mini staycation and got up early last Saturday and headed the hour south to see what all the rage was about. We walked in with those extra wide eyes that you get when you realize everything sounds amazing and you can get anything you want on the menu. It’s a super cute (and unassuming) little restaurant in the parking lot of the movie theatre and “mall” in town. They’ve really jazzed up the interior so you can’t tell you’re in the middle of a parking lot in what used to be a drive through fast food spot.

We ordered a cinnamon roll to share, waffles with strawberry sauce and whipped cream, a bacon biscuit, biscuits and gravy, and a side of breakfast potatoes. Yes, it was A LOT of food but that’s what we do when we drive so far to eat. Make it worth it and maybe have to be rolled out of there. 

I am not one to eat gravy (how can I be a true Southerner, I know) so my husband ate those. He raved about how good it was. “You wouldn’t know it was gluten free unless you were told.” I ordered the bacon biscuit and those biscuits are indeed very delicious. I love that they use local bacon and support local farms. Could’ve gone for a piece or two more on there but I ate it anyway. 😉 

Now, let’s talk about those waffles. We don’t own a waffle iron… that was an unused kitchen gadget that met it’s Goodwill fate many years ago so gluten free waffles are not something that happens at our house. I won’t pass up an opportunity to order them for sure! These waffles were very good. A bit chewy, but tasty. The strawberry sauce and the whipped cream – YUM! I literally demolished my half of this plate and considered finishing it off quietly so my husband wouldn’t notice. HA! 


The side of breakfast potatoes was under seasoned and nothing to write home about so we will skip on over that here. After we finished all that grub, we couldn’t stop thinking about how good the cinnamon rolls were so we decided we’d take one for the road. We told the person working the counter how good everything was and that we’d driven from Nashville and he tossed in an extra cinnamon roll. That’s the best customer appreciation!

In closing, The Dotted Lime DEFINITELY lived up to the hype we’d heard. It was truly scrumptious and worth the drive. Not to mention, the prices were super reasonable for being gluten free (wahoo!). We won’t be making that drive a regular thing but it’s nice to know it’s an option and we can add it to our day whenever we find ourselves a bit closer. 

Live in the Franklin, TN area? You’re halfway there so go check it out! 


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