Barcelona Wine Bar

Whenever someone asks me what my favorite restaurant in Nashville is for being gluten free, I usually say Barcelona Wine Bar or Mangia Nashville. Sure, there are a lot of other restaurants that are gluten free friendly, but I feel like these two offer the most and variety is important to me. Every item on the menu can be made gluten free at Mangia and while Barcelona’s menu changes regularly, there are always dozens and dozens of gluten free options. 

Besides a huge variety of gluten free options, the tapas at Barcelona are so, SO delicious. I’m not shy about admitting that I like to spend my money on good food that’s creative and is something I wouldn’t make at home. Barcelona satisfies that and inspires us to recreate dishes at home. 

Tell your server you are gluten free when seated so that they can mark a menu for you. If the server seems skeptical, be sure to clarify exactly what you need (celiac or sensitivity). The last time we went, only 6 items on the menu were not gluten free + one that was cross contaminated (shared fryer). FYI: I do think she missed a few like Burrata, Crispy Calamari, and Boquerones so be sure to read carefully beyond what’s marked. There are 58 items on the menu shown below so even with a few things missed, you can still eat SO MUCH here…

Barcelona Wine Bar GF
highlighted=contains gluten

We always start with cheese and order our food in rounds. We usually decide what we want as soon as we see the menu but never sure when we will get full so we start with the lighter stuff and then keep ordering. This time we went to Barcelona we ordered three items off the cheese + charcuterie: Coppa, Drunken Goat, and San Simon. I would skip the San Simon next time (too smoky for me) but the Drunken Goat is definitely my favorite. SO good! I was honestly impressed with the amount of meat we got with the Coppa – usually it is a smaller portion. We’ve previously had Jamon Serrano, Jamon Mangelica, Manchego, and Mahon. 

Charcuterie at Barcelona Wine Bar

For our second round of tapas, we ordered the green beans and the pork belly. Those green beans were SO delicious that we already tried to recreate them at home. I could’ve done without the pork belly. There’s something about meat that is really, really rich (same goes for short ribs) that I just can’t stomach. 

Last, we ordered our FAVORITE tapa ever: patatas bravas and we tried the blistered sangria tomatoes. The patatas bravas are cross contaminated in a shared fryer but I’m usually not that sensitive and have thankfully never gotten sick here (just a disclaimer in case you are celiac). We’ve also tried to recreate these potatoes at home but no luck. There’s something smoky sweet about the red sauce that we can’t figure out. They are seriously the best tapa they have. 

Other tapas on this current menu that we’ve had: Potato Tortilla, Chorizo and Figs, Hanger Steak, and Grilled Asparagus. In the past, they’ve had a lima bean tapa that was to die for. Hoping that comes back soon! 

Worth mentioning about Barcelona: it’s not a local restaurant but a local chef does have input into the menu. SO, if you live in another city like Chicago, Boston, etc… you may also get to experience the amazing food that they offer! Let me know what you think when you check it out. 

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