Gluten Free at Nourished Festival

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Nourished Festival as a blogger. I was so excited to experience this festival as I’ve been hearing about it for a couple of years (previously called the Gluten Free and Allergy Friendly Expo), but always had scheduling conflicts. With the change of the event name, came changes in the layout of the festival. It was 100% gluten free but had zones for plant based, Keto, paleo, nut free, etc. You can see one of the zone flags in the photo below!


It was a great opportunity to try so many gluten free products that I’ve never tried before. We all know how that can go… spend good money on a new gluten free product only for it to taste terrible and have to be trashed (or force yourself to eat it anyway). SO, I thoroughly enjoyed taste testing all the items and then taking my husband to taste test as well. Many products were #husbandapproved which is always great!

My thoughts on products I tried (and enjoyed):

Pao de Queijo was the most represented food item at Nourished Festival. Just so happens that I love this Brazilian cheese bread and could probably eat my body weight in it. I’d never heard of the brand Cheenies before and what a pleasant surprise it was! I loved how creative they were in their displays and showing you how it could be used. They even had waffles to try and I must say, they were delicious. Who knew cheese bread could taste so good with maple syrup?

One of my other favorite products was the dairy free ice cream from Just Chill. They make their ice cream out of seeds (chia, flax) and it was truly delicious. This is an Atlanta area company and more information about where to find them can be found on their social accounts and website.

No products for this one but it deserves word space anyway. I’ve been a huge fan of chebe products since I first went gluten free three years ago. Our first product was their ‘original’ cheese bread (like I said, no shortage of pao de queijo in the gluten free world). We used to make it as dinner rolls and then we discovered their pizza crust mix and our lives were forever changed. I’ve blogged about how much we love the pizza crust here. I learned at Nourished that you can BOIL the dough and get totally different results! WHO KNEW?? Seriously – check out their website for ALL.THE.RECIPES.

Another new product that I discovered at the event was The Good Crisp. You guys. Tastes exactly like the real deal. Seriously. Two non gluten free people confirmed this. It’s certified gluten free, healthier, and totally delicious. We searched our area for where it’s sold and found Walmart only. Haven’t made it to Walmart yet, but fear not we will be getting these.

Enjoy Life was a main sponsor of the event and had a huge booth. My only complaint – collecting email addresses before letting anyone into the booth created a massive (unnecessary) line. It can only move so quickly when you’re entering information. As an entrepreneur, I totally understand ‘list building’ and the need to collect information and using free samples as an ‘incentive’ to do so, but I personally prefer to subscribe myself to a list that I actually want to be a part of. I usually just unsubscribe immediately from forced subscriptions. All that to now say – I love free samples so I signed up. And I’m glad I did. I loved their breakfast ovals and the maple blondie bar I’ve tried so far! Mini chips are my favorite and have been a household staple for some time.

Kinnikinnick was present with A LOT of products to sample which was amazing! Since they are available in most grocers, it was nice to be able to try several things. I loved the vanilla wafers! The Oreos passed but I wish I didn’t know what the real deal tasted like.

Overall, it was a great event! I’m so glad I was able to go. I’m still working my way through the samples and expect to be sharing more over the next few weeks on my instagram account. Follow me there to see what other products I love and recommend.


Dear Nourished Festival, 

Please come to Nashville. 

Thank you, 

Gluten Free People of Music City USA 


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