Below is a list of the American restaurants I have personally tried in Nashville and Franklin, TN. I’ve included as much information as possible in regards to the available gluten free options. Many of these restaurants change their menus seasonally, so please check their website and/or call ahead for additional information regarding gluten free options. 

Burger Republic – four locations throughout Nashville and Middle Tennessee serving a variety of burgers, salads, and sandwiches. Not all burgers are gluten free and they do not denote gluten free options on menu, but they do offer a gluten free bun for an upcharge of $1. Everything is cooked in the same kitchen, on the same grill, and in shared fryers so there is a risk of cross contamination. Ask your server which items are gluten free before ordering. 

Fenwick’s 300 – located off 8th Ave South and a great option for breakfast or brunch! They do not denote gluten free items on the menu, but instead request that you inquire with your server. I’ve eaten the steak and eggs, the basic, and the breakfast tacos without issue. The last time I checked, they did not offer gluten free bread. 

Germantown Cafe – fine dining in the adorable Germantown neighborhood with a great variety of options. Their menu does denote gluten free, can be made gluten free, and vegan options some of which are surprising – like GF meatballs! Their Springer Mountain Chicken is one of the best entrees I’ve had in Nashville. This is a great and easy option for gluten free date night. 

The Grilled Cheeserie – casual diner in Hillsboro Village that is perfect for a quick, tasty bite to eat. We go here before football games or movies at The Belcourt because we know it will not disappoint. They denote gluten free options on the menu (see more on my blog) and offer gluten free bread for their infamous grilled cheese sandwiches. They also offer a great selection of gluten free sides and milkshakes. 

Jackson’s – great little spot in Hillsboro Village with a nice outdoor patio that offers several gluten free options. Though they do not denote the gluten free options on the menu, the servers are knowledgable and can point you in the right direction. A few of their entrees are gluten free (like steak frites and eggs) and most of their bowls are gluten free as well. 

Josephine – fine dining in the 12 South neighborhood with seasonally changing dinner and brunch menus. There are limited appetizer and dessert options, but many of the entrees are naturally gluten free or can be made that way. Notify of a gluten intolerance or allergy when making your reservation and ask about an item you have your eye on in advance. I’ve had the Josephine steak frites without issue. The limited dessert option in not an issue as Jeni’s Ice Cream is next door. 

King’s Bowl – you might be surprised to see a bowling alley on this list and I was surprised myself to find the huge variety of gluten free options as well as the fact that they use hormone-free, non-GMO, fresh, local ingredients when possible. They also offer vegan and vegetarian options and make most everything in house including pizza dough! The only downside is that they do not denote gluten free on the menu but the servers are knowledgable and will guide you. I’ve had the gluten free pizza and it was really, really good. 

M.L. Rose – locations in the Gulch, 8th Ave S, and Sylvan Park serving craft burgers and top notch bar food. Their waffle fries are to die for, especially the cheesy sweet potato ones! The do used shared fryers and do not offer gluten free buns. I order no bun or lettuce wrap instead. 

The Pharmacy – hip burger joint located in East Nashville with a soda shop and wonderful outdoor beer garden. They do not denote gluten free and unfortunately do not offer many options. I usually get a burger with a lettuce wrap or no bun. They use shared fryers but have other gluten free sides that are not fried (but still risk cross contamination in the shared kitchen space). 

The Red Pony – fine dining located in adorable downtown Franklin with a wonderful seasonally curated menu. They unfortunately do not denote gluten free items but the servers and chefs are wonderfully accommodating to any dietary restrictions. Their guacamole is so delicious and is gluten free with the jicama strips. The other entrees I’ve had there are no longer available because of seasonal changes, so it’s best to call in advance. 

Sinema – fine dining located off 8th Ave South that has an incredible ambiance and delicious brunch menu. They do not denote gluten free items but the server will point out which items are safe and which ones can be modified to be gluten free. I can’t express in writing how much I love their chilaquiles on the brunch menu. 

12 South Taproom – casual atmosphere located in the 12 South neighborhood with porch dining and plenty of food options. They do not denote gluten free and do not offer gluten free bread, but they do offer plenty of salads, tacos on corn tortillas, and appetizers that do not contain gluten. 

Tavern – fun, casual dining off Broadway in the Vanderbilt area with an extensive and creative cocktail menu. They are known for their brunch (and it will be busy!) and they do not denote gluten free items on their menu. Many items are gluten free by default or can be made as such. Call in advance with particular questions. 

Tin Angel – bistro with seasonally rotating menu options located in the West End/Vanderbilt area. Gluten free items are not denoted on the menu but several are naturally gluten free and a server can help you navigate the menu to find what is safe. I’ve had the steak with green beans and fries. It is a good fine dining option on the west side of town, but I wouldn’t drive out of your way to visit. 

Turnip Truck – natural grocer with locations in East Nashville and The Gulch with a salad bar and a hot bar. They note which items are paleo, low carb, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free on the hot bar item signs. This is a great lunch spot if you find yourself in the area. It’s also a great grocery store if you’re visiting town and need some gluten free snacks. 

The Yellow Porch – fine dining located in Berry Hill with a variety of options across a variety of cuisine. We ate here for restaurant week and our server was very helpful when it came to choosing gluten free items. Some items on the menu appear to be gluten free by default and she confirmed or denied that. They do not have a dedicated gluten free workspace, but are a small restaurant that would likely accommodate that upon request. 


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