Arepa Mia – 100% (!!!) gluten free restaurant located in Edgewood. I think I speak for all gluten free people of the world that there’s nothing better than a dedicated gluten free restaurant that also has extensive (and delicious) options. Everything we’ve tried here has been wonderful and I highly recommend it if you find yourself hungry in the Atlanta area.  

Barcelona Wine Bar – tapas and wine bar with two locations in the Atlanta area (and more nationwide). The menu changes seasonally and is not denoted gluten free, but tell the hostess you are gluten free and they will mark a menu for you. They mark it based on what is definitely made without gluten and then items that are cross contaminated and items that are definitely made with gluten. We’ve had wonderful experiences here because the majority of the items are gluten free and it’s all so, so good. 

El Taco – 

Murphy’s – 

YEAH! Burger – 

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