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When I first learned of my gluten intolerance, I cut out all gluten items cold turkey. I didn’t start trying ANY substitutes or replacements for almost a year. I know this sounds crazy, but I was honestly terrified to waste my time (and money) on gluten free products that were inedible. As it turns out, very few gluten free products I’ve set out to try are inedible. That’s not to say that some aren’t better than others, because there definitely are some I prefer over others. Just saying that not all are terrible! 

To save you the time and money trying every single gluten free item to determine which ones are best, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite products and brands and how I use each item. Let me know if you LOVE some items that are not on here so I can add them to my list. 

We are chebe addicts!! All chebe products are clean, made from tapioca flour, and certified gluten free. We seriously can’t say enough about the pizza crust. It’s the best gluten free packaged pizza mix we have tried. We love it because there’s no rise time necessary (unlike a lot of other GF packaged mixes), it gets pretty crispy all the way through, and tastes really good. We usually divide the mix into two pizzas and make two pizzas with different toppings. The cheese rolls are really tasty and great for when you’re hosting a dinner gathering and just wish you could include some fresh baked bread (now you can)! My family always makes cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast and the past couple of years, I’ve been bummed to not eat them. Then, I stumbled upon this chebe addition to our local grocery store. They can be a little dry and certainly don’t compare to their yeast filled glutinous counterparts, but they do the trick when necessary. 

Simple Mills crackers are clean, vegan, gluten free, and delicious! They come at a price, but I can easily say they are worth it. A lot of gluten free crackers are just seedy and leave an awful after taste but these do not. My favorite is the almond flour sea salt but I also like the rosemary ones. The farmhouse cheddar crackers are a great substitute for cheese its if you ever find yourself with that craving. 

The best one for one flour we have found to product the most consistent results is this Cup4Cup Multipurpose Flour. We’ve used it with their pancake recipe (YUM!!), a traditional biscuit recipe, traditional bread recipe, and in traditional muffin recipes. It works like a charm every time! One of the things I missed the most with being gluten free was a warm, flaky biscuit. I live in the south and these are a staple of our diets, after all. Turns out that Cup4Cup will allow you to make the best gluten free biscuits ever! 


I adore a good product story and Siete surely has one of the best! Who knows tortillas better than those with a Mexican heritage? They took what they already knew well and made a grain free version of it. And y’all – they did well. The sea salt tortilla chips are mouthwatering delicious. I crave them all.the.time. I’m not a huge fan of the nacho ones but the lime are tasty too (just with a very strong lime flavor). We’ve tried all of the tortilla flavors and they are all really good. I prefer the almond flour ones for quesadillas and the others function well as tacos or enchilada shells. 

**More favorite gluten free products COMING SOON!**

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