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I’m Alyssa! A multi-passionate entrepreneur based in Nashville, TN. I’m a mediator, facilitator, conflict consultant (see here), skin care consultant, and part time nanny. On top of all that, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two dogs, taking barre classes (the best studio in town is Neighborhood Barre), kayaking, game nights, chai tea lattes, and spiralizing! 

After discovering an intolerance to gluten in early 2016, I avoided eating out because it was so difficult to navigate menus and find restaurants that offered gluten free options beyond meat and veggie sides or salads. This is the south – the land of biscuits, bread, and meat and threes. I wanted to enjoy eating out and eat a variety of truly fantastic and HEALTHY food.

There are great resources for eating gluten free in other major cities around the US… I often say that I live my best gluten free life while in New York City. 😉 I started eating out more here in Nashville and found that I was regularly asked about my favorite gluten free restaurants. So, I set out to create the best and most comprehensive resource so we can all live our best lives eating gluten free in middle Tennessee.

So, if you’re living in Nashville or just visiting town (welcome!), this should serve as your top resource for finding the best variety of restaurants around town that offer options for you! Of course, the information on my site is as accurate as possible but is not certified gluten free or official medical advice. Be sure to confirm all information here with the server and manager at each restaurant.

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