Love Mexican food? Want to make sure it’s safe to eat when you’re allergic to or have an intolerance to gluten? You’re in the right spot! Below are my brief experiences eating gluten free at some Mexican restaurants in Nashville. As always, check with your server before ordering! 

Baja Burrito – quick, casual dining with delicious food in the Berry Hill neighborhood. We often forget about this gem of a restaurant even though it is close by. The tacos can all be made on corn tortillas and while the tortillas are kept separately, it is line style ordering so food is definitely cross contaminated down the line. They also can make all of their burrito options a salad. 

bartaco – happening place for tacos and margaritas in the 12 South neighborhood. It’s always busy, especially right after work. All of their tacos are made on corn tortilla shells or Bibb lettuce cups, but not all of the tacos are gluten free so be sure to ask your server. It’s a very simple menu and to be honest, you need a lot of tacos to consider it dinner. As mentioned above, it’s a very popular place to dine in the area so if that’s your thing, check it out! 

Cilantro Mexican Grill – typical Mexican dining just off 8th Ave South. The menu is overwhelming to say the least and it is not marked gluten free anywhere. As with traditional Mexican, tacos are made on corn tortillas and they are willing to work with you to make a dish you can eat. The server was very helpful in navigating my gluten intolerance. If you’re craving Mexican and in the area, it’s worth a stop. 

Local Taco – fresh, simple and casual restaurant with three locations in the Nashville area. In the spirit of honesty, I am not that impressed with Local Taco. However, I know many who are die hard fans so I’m including it here for those of you who are always down to try a new taco joint! They do have fantastic margaritas… the strawberry one is what margarita dreams are made of. My distaste has nothing to do with gluten – they do have options marked on the menu and the servers are very willing to guide you in the right direction. It just isn’t that impressive of a restaurant. If I’m going to spend money to eat out, I’m not spending it here. 

Mas Tacos 

Rosepepper Cantina – traditional Mexican dining in the heart of East Nashville known for their cheeky billboard messages. The gluten free options here are what you’d expect. They do not denote the menu, but are helpful when determining what is safe to eat. 

Taco Mamacita – casual, “fresh mex” dining that has a second location in Chattanooga. They have a separate gluten sensitive menu and even offer Santitas chips for those who are very sensitive with shared fryers. They have an array of vegan menu options as well. The tacos are really good (that Taco Royale with corn tortilla…), but the red salsa and Mexican street corn are the driving factors for us going there! 🙂 

Taqueria del Sol – made from scratch southern-inspired Mexican fast casual dining in the 12 South neighborhood. This is an Atlanta establishment that made its way to our current city much to our delight. And then, I discovered a gluten intolerance and my options at Taqueria became extremely limited. We still eat there occasionally and I’d warn visitors that it’s a first come first serve line ordering system, so get there early or late so you don’t have to wait! The only gluten free entree option is the chicken and cheese enchiladas with salsa verde sauce, Mexican rice, and side salad. The salsa appetizer is served with corn tortilla chips and gluten free. Again for the margaritas… they are really tasty. 



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