St. Louis

View all of the details and photos of restaurants we’ve tried in St. Louis so far: here.

Bailey’s Range – conveniently located downtown serving burgers (beef, bison, chicken, and veggie), fries, and milkshakes. Fun little spot with no gluten free bun upcharge and dedicated fryer. 

Favazza’s – traditional Italian restaurant in The Hill neighborhood with a separated gluten free menu offering pizzas, salads, and entrees. 

Fountain on Locust – old school style fountain shop on Automotive Row that has amazing milkshakes and craft cocktails. I’ve heard they also have gluten free food options. They do mark their ice cream menu with gluten free. 

Fozzie’s Sandwich Emporium – super cool (and very small) sandwich shop in the Richmond Heights area. They offer salads, soups, sandwiches (gluten free bread available), sides, and lots of milkshakes. They have a wonderful garden and a lot of outdoor seating. 

Lulu’s Local Eatery – adorable vegan spot in the South Grand/Tower Grove area. I can’t say enough about the mission and sustainability of this locally owned business that pays a “fair wage.” Menu is marked “gluten less” but unfortunately there are limited GF options. 

New Day Gluten Free – excellent 100% dedicated gluten free facility in Clayton, MO. Definitely worth the trip out there (maybe multiple trips) and you can also order online. Everything I’ve had was wonderful! 

Nora’s in Dogtown – another adorable little sandwich shop in the Dogtown neighborhood. They have salads, soups, and sandwiches and offer a really delicious gluten free bread. Their sandwiches are generous so a great food value. 

PW Pizza – casual pizza place in Lafayette that offers a gluten free crust at no upcharge. They also have sustainable business practices and support local nonprofits. The pizza and salad are delicious and there are lots of combinations. 

Rosalita’s Cantina – if you are NOT a celiac and find yourself in a bind downtown, I’d recommend this tex mex spot (especially if you’re hungry during happy hour). The margaritas were really good as were the nachos. Reviews online suggest that it’s in no way safe for people with gluten allergies, but I did not get sick. They mark their main menu with gluten free options. 

Sugarfire – full disclosure: I personally did not eat here but people I was with did and really enjoyed it. It’s clearly super popular as the line was about a 35 minute wait around 2:30p on a Saturday. Menu is not marked but I’ve read their rub is gluten free and many of their sauces are as well. They had plenty of sides that were gluten free when we were there. 

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